Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fall is so fabulous.

so, after an entire week of thinking about how wonderful fall is, i then open my e-mail to find this pleasant surprise...

yep, 50% off of halloween decor at world market... so, i of course head over to see what i can find... and honestly, i couldn't find anything that i liked! so sad. in the header there was a cute little owl and pumpkin, but that isn't even for this season. so sad.
such a friendly looking owl, yet no where to be found.
so, i headed over to potterybarn, my home away from home... and i sure found some fun purchases things that i wish i could buy there!
decorative owl with lights - find it here

pumpkin candles (available in white or orange) - find them here

rustic metal pumpkin - find it here

and just because i have a decorating bug, i went over to target, because let's be honest- while potterybarn is fab.u.lous, i just cannot always (or ever, as the case may be) afford it.
nito vine pumpkin - find it here

mini spooky wreaths - find them here

thanks for letting me share my disease... i hope that you find something festive to decorate your home with! i also love fall decorations that aren't specifically halloween, that way i at least feel like i've gotten more use out of them!

what is your favorite way to decorate for fall?

just a thought.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

top two tuesday.

top 2 tuesday- favorite fall decorating/party ideas.
{one} a festively carved pumpkin... a necessary part of any fall decor. i just love these- they look so beautiful when they are lit!
find the DIY here- thanks martha stewart for making my owl on a tree seem not so exciting...

{two} a fun seasonal wreath... i love the way a door looks with a wreath on it... check out this one from martha stewart- her ideas are so wonderful!
find the instructions here- this one looks so simple and you could change the candy based on your color scheme!

just because i can't pick only two things... one more fun idea!
{three} unique indoor decorations... tin-can jack-o-lanterns!
find them here.

link up and share your fall ideas- i just can't get enough of them! i love, love, love this season!

just a thought.

Monday, October 25, 2010

miscellany monday.

happy monday! time to link up and share your randomness!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one} i like to put lemons in the garbage disposal and then grind them so it smells lovely... i particularly like to do this when company is about to come over... don't judge.

{two} with another win for the tigers this weekend i am feeling extra lucky!
the only advantage of sitting on the top deck is a view like this!
{three} fall break is just.around.the.corner... and i must say that i need it!

{four} wedding planning is going well... for real. date-check, church-check, reception place-check, photographer- check, musicians for ceremony-check, website- check! :) let me think that this is progress people, i know that there is still much to be done!

{five} while cheering at the game this weekend my engagement ring suffered an accident... the band broke... i cried, but it is going to be ok. we have to get it reset, which means i am going to be without a ring for awhile, but it will be ok in the end.

{six} last week my clemson ring came in the mail... i am in love.

{seven} engagement pictures are happening this weekend, i am so excited- my friend (and maid of honor!) rachel is taking them and it is going to be great!

{eight} dana and i watched rocky horror picture show in honor of the fact that glee is doing it this week... it was beyond weird, and that is an understatement. 
this isn't from watching the movie, but it is from the social this weekend... i just happen to love it a lot. a whole lot.
{nine} fall break is just around the corner... i know i already mentioned it, but i am just.that.excited. this is the first time i am seeing sean since his fall break... which was at the beginning of this month- not a fan. but it has gone by pretty fast and i've been super busy- so that has been a blessing!

{ten} this weekend we had a crusade social that included carving pumpkins... i love carving pumpkins- i'd say that all around- this weekend was a success (minus the broken ring and the defective jeans that i bought at target and then returned)!
in the process of creating a masterpiece.
final product: an owl sitting on a tree... kind of
{eleven} i love toms, i have a pair in olive green that go with everything (or so i like to think!) and michelle at living a life of love is giving a pair away! go over to her blog for a chance to win!
i love them in red! i think that these will be my next purchase!

remember to link up! 

just a thought.

Monday, October 18, 2010

miscellany monday.

holy cow- talk about a long-term absence from the blogging world- life has been crazy, and while i haven't been writing on my blog i have been reading them- pinky promise!

now it is time for some lovely randomness and miscellany with carissa's miscellany monday!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

[one] my lovely tigers have been on a losing streak... but then i went to a home game and the streak ended and we won a game! winner, winner, chicken dinner!

[two] my favorite part of a home game is when we release the balloons when the cannons go off... it is so fun and reminds me of the movie up!

[three] my friend (and maid of honor!) rachel came up for the game this weekend... so maybe she was the reason we won... just maybe!

[four] life has been super busy... planning has been really fun, but also really busy- a high point is that we registered when we were in columbia a few weekends ago! so fun- that gun was a whole lot of fun... i'm not going to lie.

[five] i get to have scrumptious chick-fil-a breakfast this morning... and an added bonus: i have some lovely company too- my friend lindsey is going with me!

[six] even though life is crazy busy, i will do my best to keep up with things and make my way back to the blogging world!

go and link up and have a happy monday!

just a thought.
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