Monday, November 29, 2010

miscellany monday.

[one] the last few days at home were great- it was so nice to be able to relax and be in mount pleasant. over break we tried wedding cakes and they were so good... and that is actually an understatement. my stomach is still thanking me for letting it taste that deliciousness. 

[two] good news- my favorite shows from last week provided me with some delightful wedding dance inspiration... many thanks to dancing with the stars and glee.

first up, "tootsie roll"... dancing with the stars- the actual dance starts around 1:43

and, "marry you" ... glee- the video is mirrored for some reason- i don't know why it was recorded that way.

for the record, i'm just kidding... i don't know how people would feel about us bopping down the aisle like that... haha.

[three] i didn't really get to do any black friday shopping this year, i didn't really have anything that i wanted to buy, but i had to work so it wasn't really an option- i did get a few good deals though!

[four] one fully week of classes and then 3 days of exams separate me from being finished for this fall semester- hello extra long Christmas break!

[five]  our engagement announcement was in the paper on sunday- page 4G in the post and courier... if you live in charleston would you be a doll and save that page for me!? (pretty please!)
[six] i am subtly (or not so subtly) hinting that i want a willow tree nativity scene for Christmas this year... i just love it!
what is your favorite Christmas decoration to put up in the house? 

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

abc's of thanks

i'm linking up with rachel at finding joy and creating my "abc's of thanks." there are so many things that i am thankful for, some are silly, but they are serious too- we should always seek to give thanks to the King for the riches and mercies that he has bestowed on us.
a air conditioning- while this may seem silly, if you have ever had to go an extended period without it, you know what a blessing it is
b books- anyone who knows me knows that i find literacy of the utmost importance, plus- i love just sitting down and reading a great book
c cookies- sometimes you just need one
d dancing- in all situations a dance party makes the day better
e energy- it is what gets me through the day 
f friendship- i am so grateful for my wonderful friends in my life
g grace- the biggest gift we have been given, and it is more than enough
h home- i love being home and the sense of security that comes along with that word
i ice cream
j Jesus Christ
k kickin' back and relaxing- especially weekends that are filled with this- delightful 
l laughter- not only does laughing provide a wonderful abdominal work out, but it adds years to your life- double bonus, plus- a simple smile can turn around your entire attitude
m mi madre- my mama- i love her and am thankful for her each and every day- i don't know what i would do without her
n nature- the beauty of God's creation around us is truly a love language between us and our Creator
o organization- call me pathetic, but i love to organize things and love the feeling of accomplishment when a task has been finished
p pictures- having pictures of places and people that i love around me brings me comfort
q quiet- simple silence to rest and relax
r receiving (and giving) hugs
s sean patrick alford- excited to the moon and back that he is going to be my husband
t transportation- the ability to get from place to place
u understanding
v vacations- i haven't been able to take a "real vacation" in a long time, but i love having time to get away and enjoy just being with people i love
w worship- the ability and freedom that we have to worship the King
x xerox- can you imagine how hard it would be to make copies without them?! 
y yogurt
z zoo- though this might be the only word that i know that starts with "z," i actually do like the zoo and am so glad that i have been able to go to some great ones- how else would i have been able to feed  giraffe or see an elephant up close?

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it is beginning to look a lot like christmas!

one of my favorite things about Christmas time is getting cards in the mail- we put all of the cards along the fireplace on a card stand and it is so much fun to take a look back at them! somehow or another i am always in charge of getting the Christmas cards in order and this year shutterfly is offering a free 50 card promotion- how incredible is that!? i've used shutterfly in the past and have been so pleased! we are even using a shutterfly book for the sign in table at our wedding- i just ordered it last week, i am so excited to get it in the mail soon!

i have so many favorite things... let's start with photo cards...
they also have great products that can be used for presents...
the options are really endless- you don't even have to use them for seasonal gifts- once i get my book in i'll be sure to share about it! go here if you want to get in on this great deal and get free cards too!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

engagement pictures.

a few weeks ago we took some engagement pictures around charleston and mount pleasant- the first morning that we did them we got off to a late start, which ended with the sun shining in our faces- so we had to do a re-do a few mornings later- but we got some good pictures!

this picture was taken with a little construction crew watching, and then almost backing into us... bahaha.

iron gate along the battery- love it!
and then i made sean get into a freezing cold fountain... that is what some of the pictures below are from...
apparently i just like black and white pictures... this is the picture that is going to be in the paper (but it will be in black and white... of course).
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