Wednesday, March 2, 2011

just a few pictures.

as i was looking through a bin of pictures i realized why my mom has so many pictures of me around the house... it is because when i was little i was rarely cooperative when it came to taking pictures... and it wasn't just me not looking at the camera, i just made some crazy faces... i still make some of them now- i guess some things don't change. i found a few with me and my grandpa in them and just wanted to share them.

my grandpa actually bought my first outfit for me. i was a premie so all of my clothes were just too big- he said that i was too small to have clothes that big, so he went out to the store and got me my coming home outfit.


today is his funeral. i don't know what to expect. i miss him so much, but am so thankful to know that he has been welcomed into God's kingdom. he is missed so much by our family and i am so proud of him and glad that i was able to call him grandpa.

just a thought.

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