Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY iPhone cover

i caved... after all kinds of trouble with my droid and needing to pay a deductible of $100 to get a new phone because my screen was cracked i decided against paying for another droid and using the $100 to get an iPhone. wow, what a world of difference! i love it. the only issue that i had with my phone was that i could not find a cover that i liked enough to spend $30+ for. i found this post and decided that i could make my own cover, too! 

i traced my phone on a piece of scrapbook paper and fit it to my case, then traced the paper while it was inserted inside the case so that i could cut out the portion for the camera. 

i made a few more since i already had a template created... i am so excited to be able to switch it up and not be locked into one case for a long time.

how appropriate to use photos from my phone for this post? :) 
i have really enjoyed my phone thus far!

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