Tuesday, April 13, 2010

[good] eats.

oh man. i am aware that it has been a really long time since i have posted anything, i swear my life hasn't been super exciting, just pretty busy.

in approximately 2 weeks i will be back in mount pleasant (home sweet home) and i must say- i am pretty excited about it. love clemson so much, but love home (and the beach) a bit more. sorry clemson friends, don't love you less, just love home more! clemson friends plus home would be the ultimate combination, hopefully that will happen once or twice over the summer- that would just be top notch.

healthy(ish) food has now taken over the fridge. there are tons of glad-ware containers of all sorts of yummy fruits and veggies- hopefully that habit will last. a very important item is also in the fridge- wait for it- hummus. man oh man. hummus is such an enjoyable snack. and it isn't just any hummus- it is sabra, classic hummus- so worth the $5 to buy it. i am currently enjoying this snack plus some delicious wheat thins as i write this post. if you've never had this hummus go to the store right now and buy it, right now- close your laptop and hit the road, your taste buds will thank me later. i realize that it probably isn't that hard to made hummus, crush up some chick peas, add garlic, etc., etc. but i don't know if it will have the same appeal. i think not.

also- something so fun that happened last weekend is that my roommate for next year, carrie- got engaged. so thrilling. love that so much. love a good wedding. weddings might be my favorite thing ever... if not- they are pretty close. if i could one day own a children's bookstore/wedding planning business/speech-language pathology/ children/high school ministry head quarters business all tied into one, i would. i know that's a whole lot of titles, but that's ok- because i would be the head of it, so thus i get to decide what is included... it can also sound ridiculous because it isn't going to happen [or at least not in the foreseeable future]. in the meantime i think i'll just stick to being a student and helping my roomie plan her wedding- it sounds a little more reasonable.

once this school week is over there will be much rejoicing, just cannot wait for the weekend. one reason that the weekend will be lovely is that it will mean that i lived to see this week come to an end, so that is nice... it also means that i am either heading to cola to meet up with sean or that sean is heading up to clemson... we are hoping that it means that i am heading down to cola, still praying about that. in the meantime i think that i will just continue snacking on my hummus, wheat thins, and grapes [the new alternative to cookies... it seemed like a good idea in the grocery store].

just a thought.

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