Thursday, April 22, 2010

my [favorite] things

although i really want to, i am going to refrain from posting all of the lyrics to that song... though everyone should go and listen to "favorite things" from sound of music before reading the rest of this post... you won't be disappointed, it really is that enjoyable!

at any rate, this week has been a little crazy- but the weekend was just wonderful! i packed up a bunch of my junk and then sent it down to charleston to await my arrival- which means less junk cluttering my life in clemson (hurray!). however, during the weekend is when [some of] the favorite things took place!

favorite thing one: i went to farm boys bbq... this is not just any ol' bbq place- it is the kind that is only open thurs-sat (that means you know it is good) and it is just delicious. thanks to sean, i now love this place and columbia has a redeeming quality (alright- the bbq is actually in chapin, but you just have to help columbia out whenever possible).

favorite thing two: for lunch on saturday we went to california dreaming. i realize that this post is mostly about food and the previous post is about food, but just get over it- i just happen to write about food. it was scrumptious. the croissants are delicious and the california dreaming salad is a must... so if you want to treat me to something delicious- let's go there. we can split the salad and it won't be too expensive!

favorite thing three: i got to eat atlanta bread company for supper and get a chicken pesto panini... just trust me- it is the best.

favorite thing four: [not food related] it was lovely weather in columbia and it was even nice enough to go out and sit in fenley park and enjoy the swings and the fountains that were on! another bonus of the day was that a couple was there taking prom pictures, oh how i do not envy them- so glad to be finished with that stage of life!

and now- just to spice it up... some not so favorite things:

white tennis shoes. there is no reason to have a white tennis shoe (or dare say a PAIR of them)... i am sorry if you own a pair, have ever owned a pair, or wish that you could have a pair. my advice: throw them as far away as possible, change your mind, and then look to the world of color to put on your shoe. i don't know what it is about me, but i just can't stand them- i'm sorry, but that is just the way it is.

but that is enough rambling about that- exciting news is that summer time is just around the corner... i can smell the sweet salty air already! this time next week i will be all finished with my classes and packed up to head to home sweet home! a little bittersweet, but still exciting overall. however, come may 31st i am a student again... but only online classes- so no classrooms for me! i hope that your thursday is just wonderful, mine has been!

just a thought.

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