Tuesday, April 27, 2010

quick [update].

yesterday i had a little bit of a freak out, i was a little nervous about all that i needed to do, but luckily i have just been taking it a few steps at a time and today a good amount of the list was finished, which is really encouraging!

do child growth and development final observation
complete assessment assignment
dominate math exam
take special ed. exam
get through assessment exam
write english final

dana and i haven't really kept up with our movie list, hopefully we will finish it by thursday, but probably not... we might have to let that be a next semester goal.

friday is quickly approaching, which means that it is time to pack up the room, but anyone who knows me knows that i come with a lot a lot of stuff... most of which i don't even use- it somehow just lives in my room and then i pack it up, leave it packed, and then unpack it for the next school year... why do i do this? i do not know. i should probably just lighten my load and throw it away, but that just seems too permanent for me.

something exciting is that tomorrow i am going to sell back my books and possibly order my clemson ring! a clemson ring is just beautiful, i am so thrilled.

here is the ring (without the proper year) but i just think it is so beautiful, hopefully an order will be made... and the money for the ring will most likely be coming from the cash that i get from selling back some books (don't judge- this is the life of a college student).

can't wait for summer time, only one exam and a project left to complete! life is so good.

hopefully that will make you smile a bit, if not- the fact that that my roommate and i had a song war (of which i decided to go totally 80's) last night instead of doing homework, will hopefully make you smile.

just a thought.


  1. Good luck with your to do list. Great blog. love the scriptures on the side. :)

    nicole visiting from

  2. thanks for stopping by the blog! i love both of those verses so much- so encouraging!


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