Monday, September 13, 2010

miscellany monday.

you know the drill... it is monday, time for randomness!
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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
[one] i cannot believe that i have posted approximately 4 posts since being back at school... i pinky promise that i am going to try and do better!

[two] my friend is featured in the newest charleston weddings magazine for the winter... i was pretty excited to get it... see picture below (sorry that it is mirrored... that's just how photobooth works).  
do i get bonus points for looking all kinds of crazy and wearing my glasses?

[three] while painting my toe nails i have discovered that i have many variations of the same color... does this make me boring?

[four] macbook pro... i have mentioned a few times that i am using a new macbook, i must admit... while i am certainly not a pro... i really like using it! so fun!

[five] this weekend i made my way home to go to a wedding with sean- one of his old roommates got married- so fun, as you know, i love a good wedding!

[six] i got a car! i haven't had my own car since fall of my senior year of high school- so it is pretty exciting! not that i didn't get by without a car the first half of college, but it is pretty wonderful to be able to have my own mode of transportation!

[seven] the whole business of long distance relationships is kind of crazy, but one thing that has really helped in our relationship is skype! though not the exact same as being in the same room with one another, it does make for some fun times... case in point: this moment in time.
things to note about this picture: i am blurry because i am trying to convince sean to dance with me (i am in my apartment, sean is in the student center- not a big deal). my "glee" playlist is in the background on itunes... i am also typing the words of the song to sean so that he feels more confident in his dancing skills... i don't think that it worked.

[eight] there is a new nicholas sparks book coming out on tuesday... it is called safe haven you can bet your bottom dollar that i have my copy ordered from amazon and, since i am an amazon prime member, it will be arriving on. my. doorstep. on tuesday. i plan to have it read by thursday! cannot wait. go right now and order it.

link up with carissa and share the randomness of your monday! hope that everyone had a great weekend!

just a thought.

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  1. I have been apart from my hubby for periods of time and its hard but skype always helps. I do love me a good wedding. thanks for sharing your randomness. have a great week.


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