Monday, September 27, 2010

miscellany monday- engagement edition.

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
[1] on friday sean came to my house with sunflowers (my favorite flower) and then we went to cypress gardens for a mystery date.

[2] we went for a walk and ended up at a pretty white gazebo. 

[3] we went inside to have lunch, before lunch sean gave me a photo album with over 100 pictures of us throughout the time we have been dating.

[4] he then started talking to me about what it means to love and serve one another in marriage and how he wants to love and serve me like Christ loves the church. 

[5] he said that one of the biggest ways that Jesus served his disciples was by washing their feet... so, he got up from his chair, got down on his knees and began washing my feet (thank goodness i had a pedicure the week before!).

[6] i started putting my shoes back on and then looked back at sean and he was holding a box with a ring inside of it and asked me to be his wife!

[7] i freaked out... and said yes (of course).

[8] and now we are planning a wedding for may 2011!

 we are so excited and thrilled to begin this season together and are so ready to be married!

just a thought.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! may the Lord bless you guys during this sweet and exciting time! happy wedding planning to you! oh, and sean did a great job... what a beautiful engagement story!


    That is the sweetest story I read today. As I was reading about your FUTURE HUSBAND wash your feet my eyes got teary. You are blessed.


  3. Awwww!!! What a sweet story!! Thanks for sharing it!

    I'm your newest follower, btw! Stop by some time!

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  4. Congrats! What a blessing! Enjoy every minute of the planning stages!

    I tagged you on my most recent blog post! Hope you join in the fun!

  5. How on earth did I miss this post? OMG, congratulations. You made me cry here. Enjoy the the planning!


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