Tuesday, September 7, 2010

top two tuesday- fall favorites.

top 2 favorite things about fall

1. the color orange. being that i go to a school that is basically centered around the color orange, i really do honestly love the color, but i also really love seeing the color in the fall. it is just so cozy and inviting. it is also the color of pumpkins... which is for sure one of my favorite things about fall.

2. fall clothing. i love the feeling of light layers, feeling cozy, and snuggled up without feeling the need to wear a ski jacket just to enjoy being outside. i actually just purchased a golden yellow zip-up that will be simply perfect for layering this fall- i am beyond excited to wear it some place other than around the house. i am also a huge fan of scarves and cardigan sweaters (though those can be worn year round, if you ask me!).

what are your favorite things about fall?

link up and let everyone know!

just a thought.

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  1. While I can't bring myself to agree with your orange pick (I'm a USC Gamecock fan, I'm sure you understand, haha), I DO love fall clothing! I'm so so ready to break out all of my fall and winter sweaters!


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