Wednesday, November 24, 2010

abc's of thanks

i'm linking up with rachel at finding joy and creating my "abc's of thanks." there are so many things that i am thankful for, some are silly, but they are serious too- we should always seek to give thanks to the King for the riches and mercies that he has bestowed on us.
a air conditioning- while this may seem silly, if you have ever had to go an extended period without it, you know what a blessing it is
b books- anyone who knows me knows that i find literacy of the utmost importance, plus- i love just sitting down and reading a great book
c cookies- sometimes you just need one
d dancing- in all situations a dance party makes the day better
e energy- it is what gets me through the day 
f friendship- i am so grateful for my wonderful friends in my life
g grace- the biggest gift we have been given, and it is more than enough
h home- i love being home and the sense of security that comes along with that word
i ice cream
j Jesus Christ
k kickin' back and relaxing- especially weekends that are filled with this- delightful 
l laughter- not only does laughing provide a wonderful abdominal work out, but it adds years to your life- double bonus, plus- a simple smile can turn around your entire attitude
m mi madre- my mama- i love her and am thankful for her each and every day- i don't know what i would do without her
n nature- the beauty of God's creation around us is truly a love language between us and our Creator
o organization- call me pathetic, but i love to organize things and love the feeling of accomplishment when a task has been finished
p pictures- having pictures of places and people that i love around me brings me comfort
q quiet- simple silence to rest and relax
r receiving (and giving) hugs
s sean patrick alford- excited to the moon and back that he is going to be my husband
t transportation- the ability to get from place to place
u understanding
v vacations- i haven't been able to take a "real vacation" in a long time, but i love having time to get away and enjoy just being with people i love
w worship- the ability and freedom that we have to worship the King
x xerox- can you imagine how hard it would be to make copies without them?! 
y yogurt
z zoo- though this might be the only word that i know that starts with "z," i actually do like the zoo and am so glad that i have been able to go to some great ones- how else would i have been able to feed  giraffe or see an elephant up close?

now it is your turn to go and link up... do it!
Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

just a thought.


  1. Love your list and especially your O for organization. Oh, my, I can't believe I didn't put that. I'm all about organization, just makes me feel good all over.

    Enjoyed stopping by and wishing for you a beautiful day tomorrow.

  2. I am going to have to ditto Lea's kudos for you for the letter O for Organization. When I am stressed I organize! I think it's just me trying to put my physical surroundings into order while calming my mind.

    I love your list. I hope that you had a blessed and restful Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for linking up.



  3. Loved your list! E, G and N are some of my favs!


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