Wednesday, December 8, 2010

craft project gone all kinds of right.

sometimes i try a craft project and it fails miserably... however, this time, i decided to try a project that looked simple enough that there was no way to mess it up aaaannnnnddd it worked!

i found the tutorial at sugar and spice mommy and decided that i would try it out on my own! go to her blog to check out the full step by step, but it was so easy and turned out great- i love when a project has instant gratification, it makes me feel better about myself and the success of the project!

what i started out with:
scraps of fabric (truth be told, i had to go and buy some fabric, because i just don't have fabric laying around the apartment)
sharp scissors (to cut fabric into strips)
long pins (i used quilting pins, 1.75 inches)
string (i used a big spool of natural jute)
styrofoam balls (i used 2.5 inch balls, worked great!)
i started out the project using some burlap because i thought the burlap would be an awesome contrast of materials with the jute, but it just did not lay quite right, so i had to abandon those efforts- maybe something will come to me on how to use it, i only have 1/4 yard, so it wasn't too much of a travesty. 

it worked best when i tried some thinner twill material with small patterns, anything large probably wouldn't be the best option because you cut it all into strips. then, start wrapping the strips around the ball until all of the styrofoam is covered, it took me two or three strips to do this. using a quilting pin, stick the pin into the ball to hold the fabric in place as you tie off a hook for the ball and then stick the pin through that knot and into the ball. that's it... easy as pie. (if you find pie easy to make, that is!)
i did make more than two, but here are a couple
make sure to go check out ashley's blog... i love reading it and she has some great crafting ideas! this project was sure a success and i plan on going back to the store to get more balls to make some more ornaments! you could even make them just as balls and use them as decorative balls in a vase or bowl on a coffee table!


just a thought.

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