Monday, December 27, 2010

miscellany monday- holiday update.

oh goodness... it has been quite a long time since i've updated the blog! so many things have been going on that it has been crazy!

sean graduated from college! (hurray- cofc alumi!)
we headed to chapin to celebrate with his family for a while and do Christmas...
i got to create my own Christmas city from some of sean's mom's collection... she has tons of it- this was just a small sample, the top of what i did is above sean's head in that picture, the bottom looked like this...
see that snow? it was created by pulling apart cotton balls... no, i am not joking. sean gave me a wonderful new camera for Christmas- the last time i got a new camera i had braces- the camera was still working well but it didn't take super great pictures like i'd like it to be able to do, while i am itching to get my hands on a cannon rebel (which still hasn't come, haha) i will be using a wonderful point and shoot- it is a cannon powershot a3100 is- bonus: it is red, which makes it festive. i have been taking pictures like crazy! here's a picture of my mom's new nativity- besides the fact that "baby" Jesus looks like he should be walking around (and is actually bigger than one of the sheep) i think it is quite nice!
we also went with my friend lindsey to the clemson vs. college of charleston basketball game, which clemson won! go tigers!
so happy that clemson pulled out a win! (well, at least i was!)... Christmas day was wonderful- my mom and i opened presents that morning and then went over to a family friend's house for the rest of the day, which was simply great. i was way too spoiled this year, mom really outdid herself with goodies and sweet presents.
super warm sweaters!
fun serving pieces!
mom is starting a cross collection for me, how sweet!
then, on sunday afternoon sean came back into town and we did Christmas all over again with him!
stocking stuffers from my mom, haha.
my present from sean... i was hoping that it would be willow tree and it ending up being...
ding, ding, ding... WILLOW TREE!
i'll spare you the millions of pictures that have been taken of this sweet nativity scene (you're welcome). i am so excited that we will have it for our own home next year! i love it so much!
wow. that was a lot of catching up to do... oh well- at least life has been caught up- i will try and post more this week! go over a link up and share your miscellany!
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  1. Love all your miscellany!! Congrats to Sean for graduating!

  2. Loved catching up with you! Your miscellany was fabulous. :)

  3. I love the Willow Tree nativity set! My sister-in-law just got it and I kind of wish I had it too. Might have to add to our nativity collection next year :) Yay for your own home next year - how exciting!

  4. Congrats on all the great things going on. Visiting from Miscellany.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time of celebration. Love the Willow Tree nativity!

  6. Visiting from Misc Monday :). Looks like you had a really nice Christmas. I love Christmas villages and have a small one so far. Someday I'm hoping for more space to add on!


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