Monday, January 31, 2011

miscellany monday.

the theme of life lately has been adjusting... this semester is going to be crazy- so that is why i have been off the face of the planet... trying to get things in order, but sadly, writing has not been much of an option.

i have been going 100 mph since coming back to school this semester- 19 hours of class plus two days a week in the schools has been a lot- hopefully it will become manageable... we shall see. i am having to go home every other weekend to do stuff for the wedding, which is fun but also a lot to deal with. exciting update is that my dress is in! i am going for the first fitting on friday afternoon! i cannot wait!

this weekend sean came up for his birthday- we didn't do too much of anything, but that was just perfect! i made a scrumptious red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, recipe can be found here- the only thing i wish i would have done differently is add more cocoa powder... oh well, lesson learned for next time!

i also re-discovered the fact that the wii that we have is all kinds of fun... we played a ton yesterday... which was probably a waste of the day, but it was fun! my friend lindsey was over and we unlocked some fun races!

so many things going on, just cannot wait to update better and get back into the swing of writing... i hope to get back in the groove soon!

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  1. Stopping by from Misc. Monday! Love the pictures. We LOVE Mariokart :D


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