Friday, February 11, 2011

100 days [and counting].

holy cow... 100 days and then the wedding will officially be here! i cannot believe it. there is still so much that needs to be done before then, but i know that it will all get finished (i hope!). it seems like, for the most part, the planning stuff is finished and now it is just fine tuning- hopefully i haven't forgotten some crucial piece of the wedding... if you come and you notice i did forget something, be a dear and don't mention it! ;) 

at this point one shower is scheduled, two are pending, i've started my dress fittings, my bridal portrait is scheduled, and the florist has the basic concept of what we want. i am so pleased with each and every one of the vendors that we have chosen... everyone has been a dream to work with! at this point the "big deal" item left unchecked is the program design. i got a quote from the same place that did my invitations, but it was just too crazy (like $500 crazy...). that might not seem like a huge lump sum, but it was just more than i would like to spend on programs... while i will save and cherish mine, i know that no one else will (it is ok, my feelings aren't hurt). i would love to get the programs from the same shop because i have basically grown up in that shop and love the women there, but i am thinking that we will just find a different path... like *shudder* design them myself (with lots and lots of guidance).

school right now isn't too insane. i am in my semester before student teaching, it is referred to as "block" because it literally blocks out all of your time... no lie. on monday i am in clemson classes from 830 to 4ish, tuesday i am in a 6th grade class from 745 until 245, wednesday i am in class from 9 to 130, thursday i am in 6th grade from 745 to 245, and then friday class from 9 to 12... not horrible, but still a lot. my planner and i are basically bffs (cannot believe that i just used that term... i am going to blame it on the fact that my major circle of influence right now is currently people who still have friend journals and are 11/12...). i am sort of waiting for the "storm" of this semester to come... hopefully it just won't (wishful thinking, i am afraid).

in fun news we have signed a lease for an apartment in clemson! it starts may 1st so that we can move everything from my current apartment to the new one without having to store anything somewhere and still gives me plenty of time to be home before the wedding to do last minute details! we also have our official marriage license... it is all safe and sound in a plastic paper saver (sheet protector) in the "wedding binder"... it was freezing cold when we went to get it, but we, of course, stopped to take a quick picture with the receipt to come pick it up... kind of lame, yes- but i am glad that we did because we couldn't pick up the real deal together because of all of the snow (yes, snow) in charleston that week!
i hope that you have a wonderful weekend! any big plans!?

just a thought.

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  1. Ahhh! So exciting! Can you believe that you'll be in double digits tomorrow! That is SO close and SO exciting. I'm so happy for you :)


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