Friday, March 26, 2010


hello readers! (i say this as though i am going to have tons of followers, this is most likely not the case)

i decided that i would start a blog simply because i've always wanted to. i love writing in my journal but don't do it nearly as often as i would like or as i should. however, i do spend tons of time at my computer, so i figured that a blog would be the way to go! i don't really have a plan as to what this is going to consist of, just random thoughts and things that i feel like writing about, i suppose! hence the name "just a thought." i can't promise any deep thoughts, but i can assure you that i'll do my best!

the whole phenomenon of a blog is intriguing to me, people from all parts of the world can be connected through the simple act of blogging. i know this because i in fact love reading about other people, seeing their pictures, and figuring out the journey that has gotten them to whatever walk of life they are following.

i am also a huge fan of people watching, actually, just to say that i am a "fan" is a gross understatement. It is actually more of an unintentional obsession. the fact of the matter is that i cannot sit in a restaurant without trying to figure out all of the people around me, it is odd, but quite true. nothing against the people i'm eating with, i just can't help it. i feel like it is my life's mission to figure out the world around me.

at any rate, this is the first of what will hopefully be many posts to come! i'd like to welcome you to my blog, happy reading!

just a thought.

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