Wednesday, March 31, 2010

workin' for the weekend.

alright, so for starters, this title is in reference to this song. if you've never heard this song you are really missing out... the video is also filled with glorious 80's dance moves (and more importantly, outfits!). but really. this song is top-notch, so before reading, please watch it... you won't be disappointed.

there are many reasons to be excited for the weekend... one: it means some quality time in the lowcountry, hopefully relaxing on the beach. two: i get to sleep in my own bed (something about sleeping in my own bed is just so much better than any other sleep. three: i get to see my mama, my lovely neighbors (or "the skinner girls" as i often refer to them), and just enjoy the lovely benefits that ol' cotillion place has to offer. (side note: if you're ever looking for a good place to roller blade- my driveway is the smoothest in the cul-de-sac- and yes, that is how that word is written) four: it is Easter weekend, so that is just a glorious time to be home and enjoy going to my home church. five: sean's parents are coming to town and we are all going to have Easter lunch together [yes- that means every one... cindy, ron, sean, me, and dar-dar]. needless to say, i'm a little nervous, but there shouldn't be anything to worry about... right?

basically, i am just ready for the weekend, plus, as each weekend comes, that means that we are that much closer to summer- and who doesn't love a good summer vacation?

also- did i mention that i get to see the skinner girls? [this is rhetorical, i know that i did- as i am the one writing this] well, i am just pumped! i love them a lot, a lot, a lot.

so much [love]. love them.

just a thought.

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