Monday, March 29, 2010

turning of a page.

yesterday i accomplished a goal (a simple goal, but a goal nonetheless: read all of nicholas sparks' books). i got on a kick with his books after reading dear john and then just started reading all of them from there. the last book on my list was to read the rescue and i read it all yesterday!

with the lack of computer (see previous post) i had a lot of time on my hands to get some good reading time in, which was actually quite enjoyable! a side note is that i am once again sitting in ccit updating my blog because my lack of laptop is preventing me from being able to enjoy blogging in the comfort of my own room, but that is ok.

back to reading- the next book on my list is water for elephants. i'm not going to pretend that i am not totally and completely excited about reading this book. my roommate got it for me from her library and i am looking forward to reading it (and loving that fact that i have another excuse to avoid school work!).

well, i suppose that is all for now folks, must get back to the school work and trying to sweet talk the technicians at ccit into giving me a loaner computer. a side note: earlier today i got caught not once, but twice, trying to stalk the man working on my computer. i use the term "working" very loosely because from my vantage point it appeared as though he was working more on his homework than on my computer... needless to say i was not very thrilled to see this. i mean, i understand that his homework is important, really- i do... but i just wanted to tap him on the shoulder and explain that he is not getting paid to do homework but to fix the very broken computer in front of him. good news- when i walked back into ccit for the second time today, it appears as though the new man is not doing homework but in fact fixing my computer... we'll see how long that lasts.

just a thought.

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