Sunday, March 28, 2010

trouble in paradise.

the blue screen. what causes this to happen to a computer, specifically, my computer? i often describe the relationship that i have with my computer as an abusive one… it came to me with a broken screen, instead of being angry at it i loved it for what it was and just tried to get by (also asking ccit to try and fix it- mistake). as if the broken screen were not enough for my computer troubles, it also started the oh-so-adorable habit of “blue-screening” whenever it felt like it. for those who don’t know, the blue screen is also referred to as the “blue screen of death”… sounds peachy keen doesn’t it? needless to say, it keeps breaking and i just keep coming back for more.

having faith in my computer technicians i continued to take it to them, hoping that they could solve my issue (mistake number two). no offense to ccit, i know that they work hard, but let’s just say that their judgment calls are not always reliable. so, over the last couple of weeks my computer started getting really cranky, it would blue screen whenever it felt like it, usually at the most in-opportune moments (i.e. while on skype, working on a project, minding my own business and just listening to music- you get the drift). being the good student that i am, i promptly made sure that all of my data was backed up on my computer and then trotted down the hill, across bowman, down to what looks like a train station to get to ccit. i dropped it off it in hands of a technician who assured me that i would either have my computer or a loaner by sunday afternoon. this news was music to my ears, as i have about a million and one things that need to get done this week. let me side-bar right now by saying that this did not end up being the case as i am currently sitting in ccit writing this post as we speak (or read- you get the idea). the other neat news is that the building is currently rumbling because it appears that the bottom is about to drop (good thing I packed my raincoat for this journey!).

yep, so that’s what is going on right now in the life of me… just hanging out on campus getting work done (or updating my blog as the case may be) while patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for my computer to once again be returned to me so that i may enjoy the sweet act of searching the web at my leisure in the comfort of my own home wearing pajamas.

one day they will come up with a cure for the common blue screen and there will be much rejoicing.

just a thought.

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