Thursday, May 6, 2010

it has been awhile.

hello sweet friends, so sorry for my delay in blog writing, those finals really got in the way of the joy of being able to write freely. moving out was a success- i got all of my belongings to either my friend's apartment, my future apartment, and then the rest at my house- my room is now in chaos and that will hopefully change sometime in the near future (not a clutter fan).

now, i must tell you a little secret that got me and the roomie through exam week- go here now that's right- it is the hanson website... before you are quick to judge please know that i was a huge (understatement) fan when i was in like 1st grade- i don't know why, but the music is still joyous to hear! please let me introduce to you the faces that i grew up with.

there they are, in their shining glory... so sweet. you'll be pleased to know that they are still adorable with their sweet families. there were many a summer days that i would listen to them throughout my childhood (i was also the VP of the hanson club in my neighborhood, yea, i was legit).

today has been pretty relaxing, just did some minor errands and finished up wrapping some wedding presents. a new thing that i have discovered is vera bradley wrapping paper! i may be behind the times on this one, but i just love the fun colors- i decided to wrap my presents in sittin' in a tree wrapping paper and then added some green and white ribbon to make it extra special. check out this pattern- it is so sweet.

so adorable- i just love it. if it isn't obvious- i am kind of a fan of brown and green, though it may be like a tree they just go together. i love wearing them and when i get my own place i plan to decorate with them!

i suppose that is all for now- this weekend will be great- heading back up to clemson to see some lovely people getting married- i'll try and get my camera working and put up some pictures!

just a thought.

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