Monday, August 23, 2010

it is a miscellany monday!

link up your randomness!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. my absence from the blog community does not mean i don't like you... just that i have been incredibly busy and due to the fact that...

2. my computer is completely broken. it is sitting in ccit (our campus computer fixing people) as we speak and they are trying to fix it... we shall see how that goes.

3. this is my first blog post from clemson since moving back here- yep. that's how crazy it has been!

4. the apartment is looking super-cute- i would take pictures and show you, however, due to randomness numbers 1 and 2 i have been unable.

5. i get to order my clemson ring this week. i. am. beyond. excited. 

6. i like to have the foodnetwork on when i am cooking or eating supper because it makes me feel like my food is better than it really is.

7. mccormick makes these fabulous "perfect pinch" seasoning options... go check them out- my chicken tasted like a professional chicken last night... as in a professional made it, not that frank sinatra was embodied in a chicken, just in case that wasn't clear.

alright... this is for sure a quick post...

just a thought.

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  1. Sorry your computer is still broken. Hoping that gets fixed soon. I love the McCormick seasonings. We use them on almost everything. Have a wonderful day!


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