Tuesday, August 3, 2010

top two tuesday- simple pleasures.

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top 2 simple pleasures

{one} curling up with a good book. i absolutely love being able to curl up and read a book. it is simply wonderful... i also have the added benefit of getting to curl up with a snuggie, not to mention a clemson snuggie! [don't judge- so not fashionable, but so comfy!] but don't worry- i do not wear it in public... that is just too much. plus, because i apparently feel no shame, i will allow you to laugh at my expense by looking at the photos below!
notice the nicholas sparks book? yep... i've read all of them- and i read most of them last semester (because reading actual textbooks is way. over. rated.)

{two} taking walks. i thoroughly enjoy a good walk every now and then- along the beach, along the street, through a field- the place isn't so much of the focus as the person you are with. i enjoy being able to walk along with someone and just enjoy each-other's company. i also enjoy a good walk when i need to think- perfect thinking time.

other top favorites:
- dancing in the kitchen
- the smell of sunscreen
- getting a big bear hug
- the smell of home after being gone for a long time

what are your favorite simple pleasures? link up and share!

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