Monday, August 30, 2010

miscellany monday.

1. i am really trying to get a handle on this whole lack of blogging thing... hopefully i will return soon, though life is just so busy!

2. i have my old computer back as well as a really festive macbook pro to use, i am loving it. i've never been much of a mac user, but i must admit- i am kind of loving it.

3. i am afraid that my favorite. most delightful. makes my hair not look so crazy. yummy smelling. shampoo and conditioner are, for some reason, being phased out- this worries me like no other... i bought the last two bottles that bilo had when i was doing grocery shopping last week and have people looking at home and in clemson for it whenever they see it... 

dear people at tresemme,
why am i having such a hard time finding flawless curls shampoo, conditioner, and mouse? i am worried.
sincerely, your biggest fan.

4. this past weekend sean came up and visited- loved. loved. loved. it. thanks for the prayers, by the way, this transition hasn't been nearly as bad as last year's transition! we also found a scrumptious restuarant this weekend, it took some scouting out, but it was so worth it. loved it.

5. my roommate and her boyfriend have been dating for 5 years today, i think that is just dandy. a whole half of a decade, so sweet! just had to give them their own number, they deserve it.

6. have you ever tried designing something on a mac? i am in love... i made a little background for "my" new computer... still trying to make it mine forever, and it is fabulous- i love it.
7. one day i will actually post some pictures of my apartment, it is looking wonderful... though with the lack of my computer i haven't been able to load my pictures- it is on the list, have no fear.

i hope that you have a fabulous monday! don't forget to go to carissa's blog and link up!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

just a thought.

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