Tuesday, May 25, 2010

all in the family.

i've been frequenting the aquarium because i have a family pass (well, i don't but the car i'm driving has a pass attached to it- just to clarify) and since i had matthew and liam all day i decided that a trip to the aquarium would be a good thing to do with the boys. sean's kind of a kid at heart and so i invited him to go along with us... for partially selfish reasons because i knew that the trip would be stressful 2 against 1. all day before the aquarium all i heard from matthew was "fish gotta swim, bird's gotta eat" (it's a quote from finding nemo).

while we were taking pictures at the aquarium a woman came up and asked if we would like a "family picture"... hmm. while 3 of us share the same last name, bearded man is odd man out. instead of correcting her i simply smiled and said sure- however, i was 14 when my dad and amber had matthew and 17 when they had liam- i was worried about college then, not kiddos- but i didn't find it necessary to correct her.

i think that they're pretty cute- super fun to hang out with, even though they are a handful sometimes!

just a thought.

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