Monday, May 31, 2010

miscellany monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

[1.] i don't really like have this fear of lizards (as noted in this post)... it is a legit fear and this saturday i was babysitting and they had not one, but two little lizard/gecko creatures- not a fan.

[2.] my senior year of high school i got a black eye... a really, really bad black eye... swollen shut for a week, etc. etc... all from an fca retreat relay game...
i was trying to be a positive pattie... though i don't think it makes my face look better.

[3.] online summer classes start today- on memorial day. way to be lame trident tech... but that's alright (note still trying to be a positive pattie)

[4.] you know the movie men of honor? my grandpa worked with chief billy sunday (that's robert de niro's character) when he was in the navy. he actually worked on the sister ship to sunday's ship- basically, that means that he was pretty close to the movie being about him... not really- but they were the same rank- so possibly.

[5.] i try to not get sucked into reality tv... but sometimes i just can't help it- i loved dancing with the stars (see this post) and now i'm getting sucked into the bachelorette... someone help me!

[6.] it's memorial day- i love what this day stands for, since most of the men in my family are in (or have been in) the military- i think it is pretty important to honor them.

just a thought.


  1. That's really cool about your grandpa! I remember watching that movie when it came out. It was so well done.

    Blessings on your Memorial Day!!

  2. amen to #6!!! wow, it's amazing that your grandpa worked with chief billy sunday! oh girl, don't get sucked in to the bachelorette! i've never seen it, but i know if i did, i'd be addicted. ha!

  3. Oh my goodness!! What a shiner! ouch! That had to hurt! That is too cool that your Grandpa knew Chief Billy Sunday! Most of the men in my family were all in the military as well and I have such a huge respect for our nation's defenders!

    Happy Memorial day to you! It's always fun to meet someone who loves Jesus! : )


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