Wednesday, May 12, 2010

leapin' lizards.

random fact about me: i cannot stand lizards... or really anything of the "creepy crawly" category. i don't know why this is, i used to be so adventurous with animals and never got freaked out, however, as i have gotten older the little creatures freak me out more and more.

on monday night a little lizard decided to take an adventure into my home and reside underneath the washer and dryer... needless to say, i was not pleased when i found the little guy- i started freaking out, screaming, and carrying on- it was such a sight to see and such an overreaction considering i am a million times larger than the creature (might be a slight over exaggeration, but you get the point). i didn't know what to do or how to remove this uninvited guest from my home... i got a yard stick (why this seemed logical, i do not know) and then tried to catch him in a bug jar. he started to get a little feisty so i tried to "stun" him by tapping him with the yard stick and then put him in the bug jar... my tap was a little too much and i am sad to say that little lizard is no longer alive. i did honestly feel bad that i killed the little guy, but what was i to do!? there was no way that i would have been able to fall asleep with him in my house- just no way.

i hope that somehow all the lizards in the area got the vibe that they are not allowed in my house. no sir- not welcome.

maybe a sign in the front yard would have helped mr. lizard know that he wasn't allowed in my house... then maybe he'd still be alive... lizards should learn to knock before entering people's homes- it is just rude to come in uninvited.

just a thought.

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