Monday, May 24, 2010

just another... miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

here's another go at miscellany monday from carissa at lowercase letters.

[1.] i like must eat special k with vanilla almonds for breakfast every morning. it just doesn't feel right to start the day off without it... it may seem boring, but that's my life. what can i say? i'm a creature of habit... may that be for good or bad.
[2.] i used to think that all you needed to become an indian (native american, not actually from india- just to clear that up) was some corn and sunflowers... i tried for the greater part of my childhood to get my mom to let me grow corn and sunflowers in the backyard as to become more like pocahontas... i even tried to cut all of my paper to have fringe on the end so that it would look like an indian- i don't have rational for this, that's just what my mind thought.

[3.] textures freak me out in food... there are tons of textures i can't stand- for example, i can't bite into a strawberry- i know i'm missing out- i love the taste... just not the bite.

[4.] "just push the button"... that's all i've heard this morning, i just can't seem to work this fancy remote at my father's house- liam (who is 3) just says to "push the button" in order to make the tv work... all i'm trying to do is find some max and ruby for the kiddo to watch... so much for trying to be helpful!

[5.] actually... i'm in college- thanks though... in high school i was always asked what college i go to, now that i'm over halfway done with college people keep asking me if i'm about to be in high school or if i've decided where i want to go to college... my repsonse: yes, i decided 3 years ago... i just don't think i look 13- but maybe that's just me. one day i'm sure i will be pleased for people to not believe my real age.


  1. Loved the miscellany cracked me up!! I here just push the button from my 3 year old all the time because the Hubs is an Audio/Video tech and he has crazy hook ups so it takes like 4 remotes to turn on are tv LOL....

    I am lovin the Pocahantas story, and I thought I was the only one who thought planting corn in the backyard and making a fringe skirt made you more like an indian....LOL

    I am your newest follower
    Summer :0)

  2. Hi! Coming over from Misc Monday! I love Pocahantas, she was always my favorite. And & Take the high school comments as flattering! I always get mistaken for being way younger than my age too...<333

  3. I've never tried that cereal, although I love the regular Special K. :) Happy Monday!

  4. hey, at least when you're 30 people will still think you're in college - trust me, you won't mind that much! i used to love special k... i think i ate it for 3 years straight. now i can't stand any of it. i think i wore it out. - be careful! have a happy monday and i hope you figure out that necessary tv since liam is around! : )

  5. Nice to meet you. I am your newest follower from the Miscellany Monday! That cereal looks amazing. I must try it soon. I am technically challenged so when things don't work over here, my children have a complete melt down. I hope you figure it out. Happy Monday!

  6. What a wonderful miscellany :) I really enjoyed reading it!

    I know how you feel. People keep asking me now that I am almost thirty when I will graduate from high school ... however, when I was in high school, people kept asking me what college I was going to. Well, I try to look at it this way: If I look this young now, I will most likely still look younger when I am 40, 50 or 60 ;) which is a good thing - or so I tell myself ;)

    Have a blessed Monday,

  7. #2 totally made me giggle! I have serious texture issues with food as well. I get it.

  8. Ahhh --- cereal --- my food of choice. I haven't tried that one. It is now on my shopping list.

    As far as remotes and pushing the button. In order to get a movie playing at my parents it takes about 3 remotes and an instruction manual. Insane!

    Found you through the Miscellany Monday.

    finding joy

  9. omg, i'm sorry to say that you have been missing out if you don't like strawberries!!! well hey, you can always have strawberries in other forms right?? like blending up strawberries, strawberry smoothies, strawberry jam, yea yea??

  10. thanks for all of the comments everyone! i know i'm missing out on strawberries, i just can't handle the texture- glad to know that there are others out there who suffer as well! :)


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