Friday, May 21, 2010

a new career path.

i was thinking back to when i was little and loved to sell lemonade at the corner of my street and wishing that i could still make money that way. it was great, drag out a table to the end of the street, make a sign, stir up some lemonade and wait for the money to roll trickle in- all tax free, might i add.

is it still ok for me to sell lemonade at the corner? i am pretty sure that i could do just as good of a job as the little kid who lives down the street from me... in fact- i dare say that i might do better than him, considering all of my past experience! (no, i'm not really going to sell lemonade) though one time someone did pay me $10 for a glass of my lemonade... he owed me an additional $0.10 but didn't have it so he gave me a $10 bill instead- i wasn't complaining!

so, what say you- any ideas for me to make some quick cash? i'm thinking that a lemonade stand might be my best option.
 but then again, that's...

just a thought.

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  1. We used to sell kool-aid at the end of our driveway. Our parents would come up, buy a cup, toss it in the bushes, then buy another one because they couldn't stand the taste of the stuff!


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