Friday, May 7, 2010

love free stuff.

as a college student i must admit that i love free stuff- but if you're really honest with yourself you know that you love free stuff too... just go ahead and admit it. well, once again, i have entered a giveaway and i am here to tell you all about it. carissa at lowercase letters has a giveaway right now and it is for some fabulous. wonderful. totally chic. bags that everyone should enter to win... except that i don't really want you to enter because then i have less of a chance, but i guess i'll make the sacrifice. go ahead, enter, try and win- i dare you.

you should also go ahead and just start reading that blog anyways, it is one of my favorites and you will love reading it- i am always encouraged and entertained. so, back to the giveaway: bottom line- these bags are awesome and you need to check them out. here are just a few samples that i got from carissa's blog

here is the one that i hope to win:

and here are a few other samples- they are all just so fabulous, it is difficult to just pick one! i might have to stop by charm design's etsy shop just to get MORE!

see what i mean? all fabulous! if you want a chance to win just head over now and try your luck at a new bag! good luck!

hopefully my next post will include some pictures from my friends' wedding tomorrow- i'm just thrilled to see them get married! on a side note: have you prepared something to make your mama feel special? if not- get on it... she deserves it.

just a thought.

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  1. you are so cute!!! yay i'm following you now! thanks for linking to the giveaway!!! best wishes for winning! maybe i'll see you soon on some sunday! : )


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