Tuesday, May 18, 2010

steal of a deal.

i've never been much of a "yard-saler" however i'm trying to become one while i'm furnishing my apartment. the whole idea of waking up at the crack of dawn to go and drive around looking for things didn't really interest me, however, i've grown on the idea. my first round of shopping didn't go very well, but attempted for round two and boy did i hit the mother-load! i was looking for bookshelves, a kitchen table, bunk beds, end tables and other things that might be useful for storage. well, i found bookshelves (2 matching sets for $40), a kitchen table ($20), and an end table ($5), which is a grand total of $65- thank-you very much! let me just say that these pieces are of the highest quality and just need to be painted to make them look like new!
on top of those great prices i am going to use my desk from when i was little (free) and just re-paint it so that it looks fresh and received a red couch from family friends (free), this apartment on a budget is going famously well! i do need to find bunk-beds, so if anyone knows of a good place to get bunk beds that an adult could use (as silly as that sounds) let me know! i also need to find some chairs to go with my kitchen table- either going to do 4 different chairs or 2 sets of different chairs, just depends on what i can find and for how cheap i can get it! also- in reference to my miscellany monday post about how i love cooking supplies: i bought some more today- they were all on sale and i really did need them know how to use all of them, so it wasn't a wasted purchase!
now here is the deal- i need to figure out what colors to paint things- i don't want to paint everything the same color, but i would like them to "go"... so help a sister out and give me some advice!
on a different note: i have been thinking about my relationship with Christ a lot lately and realizing that God is so providential and puts people in your life at the exact moment that they are supposed to be there- so encouraging. i'm so thankful and blessed to have such a great group of women surrounding me and so glad that i am able to get advice from them- such a wellspring of encouragement- and i love it.
just a thought.

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