Monday, May 10, 2010

miscellany monday.

hello blogging friends- i'm now linked with carissa at lowercase letters to join in on her "miscellany monday" on her blog- get excited, because i am!

now, to start things off- i suppose that i will just have to take a running start.

[1.] i used to have this thing about odd numbers (i kind of still do). for some reason i am just not a fan. i just always felt like even numbers were what was up and didn't like odds... which was convenient because i was born in an even year, born on an even day, and always scheduled to graduate on even years... however- that has all changed- now i'm graduating on an odd year and have actually started to become fans of odd numbers... my friend leigh used to have the opposite feeling- she loves odds and was really sad to have all important dates on evens so i guess the grass is just always greener on the other side.

[2.] i like love weddings. i don't know how this love got started, but i just love them so much. i think they are incredibly exciting and cannot wait to plan my own! [side note: i will post later about the wedding i went to this weekend in westminster- it was so fun!]

[3.] even though i've lived in charleston my whole life i've never taken a downtown carriage tour. while i am fairly confident that i could give the tour, i still think i'd like to do it one day, just to say that i have... i'd like to do that or hire one of those bicycle men to pedal me around- but that might just be because i'm feeling lazy today.

i used to sing all the time- i have been in chorus since i was like 8 and then stopped once college hit. i miss it so much- i can't believe it has been over 2 years! i also really miss leading worship- and not because i liked being up front so people could see me, but so that i could see them. it is really encouraging to see a mass group of worshipers praising the King in one group- i love it.

[5.] i own all of the "gilmore girls" dvds... every. single. one. [well, technically i am one short because the people in the packaging company put 2 season 5 disc 2s in my set... so i am missing that one- which will hopefully be fixed one day... but- other than that- my home is always ready to watch gilmore girls... i also always watch it on abc family at 11 (it is pretty close to 11 now, but don't worry- i'll still watch it).

i think that's all for now- please also notice that this list is an odd number... i told you that i was starting to like them more.

just a thought.


  1. A wonderful post! I thought it was funny about your odd number thing. I just think numbers are so interesting to begin with!

    I enjoy your honest and easy to read posting style.



  2. That's really weird but I feel the same about odd numbers. :)

  3. i fixed the button!!! it's smaller now and doesn't look all crazy! i should've thought about that sooner... oopsies!

    thanks so much for linking up! i'm so happy to have you!

    i actually like odd numbers because i used to do some merchandising and odd numbers of things always looked best for displays! haha!

    well, missy, you should try out next time my hubby has auditions!!!

    can you believe that i've never seen the gilmore girls?! hope you don't think i'm too lame. ; )

    have a wonderful week, beautiful gal!

  4. thanks everyone for the sweet words! :)

    i'm glad to know that someone else out there has my same odd-number phobia!

    carissa- thanks for fixing the button! when i just logged on i thought that i was going crazy because now it fits... too funny. i used to/still work at ragamuffin when i'm home- it is a children's boutique on shem creek- and i must admit, that the only time that i like odd numbers is when doing displays or arranging flowers... guess i should have added that in there! i suppose that it is alright that you haven't seen gilmore... i started watching a long time ago and then bought them when i graduated from high school!

    i hope you have a great week too and that hunter gets to walking soon!


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