Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a day in the life...

...of a poll manager [don't let the title impress you- i was just a poll worker]

in order to be a poll manager worker you must first wake up at 4:45am- not trying to complain, but usually that time of day and i don't see each other unless it happens to be after 12pm... which would then make it 4:45pm... the morning wake-up was a little bit nuts. you must then show up at your precinct at 6am in the morning and get set up for the day... let's just say that by 10am it felt like it should be after lunch time. then you sit around, wait for people to come in to vote (which wasn't that many... shame on you precinct 27-i'm partially kidding) and then wait for it to be 7pm so that you can say "the polls are now officially closed." not going to lie- that was one of the highlights of my day! all in all my day started at 4:45am and then lasted until about 11:45pm... to say that i was tired today simply does not even come close to say how i was feeling- we were joking that we didn't even know how i was standing up... :) i believe that the title of this post should probably be "sleep deprived" since that's the overall emotion that i've been feeling for the past week- but tomorrow i get to sleep in! so excited! just need to do some school work in the morning but it shouldn't be too much! can't wait for the sleeping... [i have no idea how i am going to make it as a real-life adult... this lack of sleep is killing me]

in other news- my atm card arrived in the mail today along, with my roomie carrie's save the date card for her wedding, and my netflix movie- dear john... can't wait to watch that tonight! i also must admit that i have been completely sucked into "the bachelorette" i just can't help it... it is the only tv show i watch and i feel ridiculous while i'm watching it- yet i still can't help but watch it online since i always seem to miss the actual tv airing of it... i'm almost too embarassed to write this, but since i already have, i suppose that's that then. something sad about my atm card is that i have a new pin number [which will arrive in the mail within 5 to 7 days... why it didn't come with the card- or why they even changed my pin number- is beyond me]... so close to being incredibly helpful dearest wachovia, but yet, so far at the same time.

just a thought.

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