Thursday, June 17, 2010

deep breath.

breath in. breath out. deep breath.

deep breaths have been getting me through this week. it has been pretty busy, not to mention i haven't really been up on the school work like i need to be... i guess that's what tomorrow is for!

this week has been vbs at the church- i.e. 500+ kiddos running around and screaming... and i love it. it is so sweet to watch the children sing and get excited about being at church and learning about Jesus- so refreshing and encouraging. it was my job to go around and take pictures of the sweet kiddos during all of the festivities- it was such an immense blessing to have that actually be a job- i just loved it. when i get stressed or frustrated with vbs i stop and think about how privileged i am just to be in a church that values children's ministry. i am then instantly thankful. God is so gracious in giving me such a wonderful place of true worship- and i sometimes forget how much i take that for granted. not everyone in the world gets to wake up on sunday morning and drive to (an air-conditioned) church, listen to the Gospel being proclaimed, and worship the King without fear of persecution... but i do and i am so thankful that i can.

when the world tries to bring me down i can just remember that i am blessed beyond all measure because of the work of Jesus on the cross for my sins... and for that i am eternally grateful.

Father God,
i praise you for your abounding grace and mercy in my life and know that Your hand is over me in all that i do. i praise you for a wonderful place to worship You and pray that you will continue to mold me and make me more like Jesus in everything that i do.
for Your glory until the end
God is so, so good and His love endures forever.

even as i was writing this post my whole focus for it changed. i started out writing about my week- but it ended with writing about the glory of God... it is so amazing to me when the smallest things all end up bring the glory to Him- i pray that my life would be a better representation of the Gospel and i would be a true ambassador for Christ.

just a thought.

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