Monday, June 21, 2010

miscellany monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

you know the drill- it is monday, that means it is time for some miscellany!

[1.] whenever i read a book (or anything in general) i read really, really fast. i don't say this as to try and brag and imply that i have some super high intelligence level- because that is surely not the case... though i do read really fast- which is a blessing and a curse all rolled into one! it means that i get to read and know what is happening, but that the book gets finished that much faster- i.e. i run out of things to read fast.

[2.] i don't like holding hot beverages... i don't think that i was ever burnt as a child, but i just can't handle it when i have a hot drink and it doesn't have a lid.

[3.] i apparently go to a lot of weddings... when i went to bed bath and beyond to buy a shower present for my friend aly, the woman at the desk said, "are you familiar with our registry system?" i then replied with a simple, "yes" to which she then said, "that's right- you are in here all the time- that's why you look so familiar"... however, when i got to thinking about it- i do know 12 people getting married between may and december of this year... i guess that is a lot.

[4.] i have only been to the beach once or twice this entire summer... i blame it on the fact that i work a lot... and that on the days that i have off (like today) it is raining, but don't get me wrong- thankful for the rain- we need it!

[5.] i'm on the hunt for my very own slr camera... trying to decide between a nikon and a canon... i've used both and like them equally, so at this point i'm thinking it is just going to come down to the deal that i can get.... help me out! do you know of anywhere that i can get a deal? do you have thoughts on what kind of camera i should get?

that's all i've got for today- i hope that you've enjoyed the miscellany! happy monday!

just a thought.


  1. Love your miscellany! I haven't been to the beach much so far this summer either. It's really bumming me out!

    Have a great Monday! <333

  2. I read really fast as well. I have to often read blog posts 3-4 times to really fully grasp it. I don't like holding hot beverages either, but love drinking them. Have a great Monday!

  3. personally, i'm partial to nikon. but you can usually find good deals at and sometimes i trust adorama, used them a lot, and they ship super fast.

  4. thanks for your randomness! I read fast too. So I understand your frustration. I wish I was at the beach now! It's raining here. It's been about 3 weeks on and off of rain :(



  5. Go for the Nikon for sure. is a good place to look, it will compare a lot of different places for you. It also gives good reviews.


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