Tuesday, June 22, 2010

is it bed time yet?

whew... poll manager (worker) round two- republican runoff election...

today was the runoff election for the republican primary, which meant getting to belle hall at 6am- i had planned to wake up at 5am so that i could shower eat a leisurly breakfast, and then take my time getting ready and gathering my things for the day... however- instead i turned off my alarm and woke up at 5:30am- but i still pulled into the parking lot at 6am- it just included a quick job of getting ready, eating cereal in the car and then forgetting my composition book so that my mama would have to come and bring it to me- but hey- it all worked out in the end!

the day was long- however, i did get a whole bunch of stuff finished! i read 300 pages in my book that i'm reading (redeeming love), wrote a paper (yes, a whole paper!), and took notes on two chapters of stuff for my music class! i'd be lying if i said that i wasn't a little bit proud of my productivity level for the day! i'm glad that i worked at the polls- it was honestly pretty fun and it was a cool way to meet new people and to see people that i've known for a long time!

speaking of early mornings- hannah at aspire is currently hosting a giveaway of epic proportions- a festive coffee/espresso maker- i would like to win this gem... it would be so fun to be able to make espresso in the comfort of my own home! plus- who doesn't love free stuff? [the appropriate answer is that no one wants to turn down free stuff... especially not in this economy!]

if you want to know more about this giveaway you can follow this festive button to hannah's giveaway!
Win a Brand New Cappuccino and Espresso Maker - Aspire

or to get to her blog you can click here:

just a thought.

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