Sunday, June 27, 2010


so much updating needs to be done, however, it probably won't all happen today! last night sean and i got back from taking a visit to southeastern seminary- it is in the town of wake forest... not the location of the university of wake forest (that was a topic of much confusion before the trip- no one understood where we were going!) which is now in winston salem.

back to business: as i was saying, we went to visit seminary and see if it was someplace that sean could see himself taking classes and just see if it fit us. let me just say that it was so incredibly amazing. everyone that we met on campus was so incredible and it was just such a joy to be there! another bonus of the trip was that my friends abby and david live up there- so we got to hang out with them- which just added to the comfort level of the entire trip. abby is such a sweet friend, i have known her for 6ish years and has been such an encouragement to have in my life... she's really fun... this picture was taken in hungary in 2008 (i think) i'm sure she won't be super excited to see it when i put it up! :)
for some reason i just find this picture hilarious... i don't know why- somehow we found the tiniest peaches (or some sort of fruit) that i've ever seen... so logically we took a picture with it! oh wow- talk about chasing rabbits during this post! i have so much excitement going on around me right now that it is hard to stay focused!

back to school: while we were talking around campus it was just so excited to see everything and really just get excited about the future and where God will put us. the whole time we were there i just felt a sense of joy and i felt like smiling- then this morning at church i just continued to feel a sense of joy and excitement in my heart- hence why i am writing this post right now! going up to wake forest was such an encouragement. right when we got home i made a binder for all of the papers and brochures that we got while we were up there (i have this disease that i need to keep all things organized... sometimes it comes more in handy than others) and i must say, i keep getting more excited whenever i look at it (which has been semi-frequently, i'm not going to lie).

at this moment i feel so blessed and know that it is so much more than what i deserve- i am so thankful to the Father for His provision and the testimonies of students that we heard while we were up there. i can honestly say that i am so excited to see where the Lord will be taking us and feel so encouraged by His provisions!

just a thought.

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