Monday, June 7, 2010

miscellany monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
hello sweet friends- it is time for miscellany monday again! i hope that you enjoy the miscellany!

[1.] last week the atm machine ate my debit card... which means that i don't have a card until the end of this week or beginning of next week. needless to say, i haven't been spending any money- which is good, since i'm trying to save money to buy a car.

[2.] i haven't done laundry in way too long... today i must conquer my whites, darks, and colors.

[3.] i secretly hope to be rachael ray... she is just so festive and has all kinds of fun sayings. i like to write "evoo" on my grocery list just so i can be a little bit more like her- sad, but true.

[4.] in the last week i babysat 2 boys (on two different days), 2 dogs and a cat- i guess that i'll watch all creatures big and small- that, or i'm just a poor college student... yep- that's it.

[5.] never in my whole life have i been fishing... it is true- i've lived in mt. p my whole life and never been fishing- i'd like to go sometime though.

just a thought.


  1. We should go fishing together!! Great Miscellany! Happy Monday! Hope you are able to conquer laundry! <333

  2. I can relate to #3. I like the way she pronounces parmesan and asiago cheese. And I always tell my hubby about evoo and he's like "what?". Speaking of her, her show is on in 20 minutes. You are perfect timing.
    You must go fishing at some point in your life. MUST. I find it incredibly boring when the fish aren't biting, but must go.

  3. #3 made me laugh! I do love her show! And I am totally behind on laundry too! My girls keep tripping over my piles of dirty clothes lining the hallway! Hope you got it all done! Happy Monday!

  4. I've had my ATM card eaten by three ATM machines. I guess it's good that you can't spend any money. I wish the Bank would overnight a new one, after all,it's their machine that ate it. My laundry is out of control. I was as I need to and I hardly ever fold things. My poor kids are wearing wrinkled clothing. The last time I went fishing was when I was a kid and I fell into the lack trying to pull the fish out. I wasn't a big fish, I just tripped and fell. My brothers laughed at me and I walked home crying.

  5. Bad atm! I lost my credit card a few WEEKS ago and still have not received another one. I guess it's a good way to not spend too much money!


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