Wednesday, June 30, 2010

never have i ever...

hello sweet friends- i was thinking recently about a lot of things that i would really like to do, but, for whatever reason, i haven't done them... here is the list:

[one] go fishing... this was mentioned in a miscellany post awhile back, but i just feel the need to restate it (and also side-note that i might be going tomorrow... i'm pretty excited about it!

[two] wilderness camping... i've gone camping before, but never truly gone camping in the wilderness without a shower (which would mean that the only camping i've done is at a camp ground) and i don't think that really counts... just ask my boyfriend- he'll tell you that it doesn't count either... (i might have heard about it once or twice)

[three] go rock climbing on real rocks. of course this would mean that i actually need to perfect my rock climbing on fake rocks (who am i kidding- i need to learn how to do that!)

[four] explore europe... i just really want to do this- however, my lack of expendable income will make this dream difficult to obtain.

[five] go parasailing- i just think that it would be fun- that's really my motivator for wanting to go!

[six] jump out of an airplane (with a parachute on my back!)- i guess i should start by saying that i would like the courage to do this, but then- i would actually like to do it... we shall see.

[seven] go scuba diving... explore the ocean and get to swim around with fishes? yes please.

[eight] ride on a sailboat- one day this will happen... (or so i am told)

you see? that could be ME!... one day (maybe).

this list makes me sound like i would like to be some adventure woman... but maybe i would- who knows!? however, i just think those things would be fun to do at some point in life- some of them are more obtainable than others- but you know... that's...

just a thought.

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