Thursday, July 8, 2010

boone hall+dinner.

for our one year date sean and i went to boone hall plantation- it is about 3 minutes from my house, i've been there a few times (sean didn't know that-however, when you live that close to something- you're bound to go on a field trip or two) but sean hadn't ever been there, so it was fun! we got to walk around the property, , take a tour of the house (beautiful), see a gullah presentation (which was interesting and also funny), take a little carriage tour of the place, and look at some horses... a major bonus to the day was that the weather was so beautiful- seriously- weather in charleston on the 3rd of july is not beautiful... you certainly don't get to walk around at leisure outside... but we did. it was wonderful. perfection.  
[sidenote: recognize the house in the picture? it is ali's house from the notebook... yep- i actually heard a girl say, "just the fact that the notebook was filmed here makes me like it"... oh, pop culture.]

that morning sean surprised me by having roses around my house and a jewelry tree filled with notes on it (so great, plus i get to use the tree to hang jewelry!) and a vase of flowers beside it! after walking around the plantation we went to california dreaming for supper... it is my favorite place in the whole-wide world... ok, so maybe not the whole-wide world- but pretty close. i had a delicious chicken dish and it was fabulous. all in all, a perfect saturday was had by all! it was so wonderful!

just a thought.


  1. Oh man, California Dreaming is do good! Ever been to Copper River in Seneca? It's pretty much the same thing (I've heard it's owned by the same people and has the oh so wonderful rolls).

  2. Wow, it looks lovely! And what a sweetheart of a man you've snagged for yourself!


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