Friday, July 23, 2010

perfect match.

while walking through the grocery store the other day i stumbled upon a cookbook that i simply have-to-have! i cannot wait to buy it... i am trying to find the best deal- at the store it was around $18... i have already found it for $12 online with free shipping if i purchase something else with it, so we shall see. at any rate, what is this fabulous find?
let me introduce you...

perfect match? i think so! chicken is my favorite food [in the entire world] and i am dying to have this cookbook... also- the interesting part? it came out exactly a week before my birthday, meaning- that it was the perfect birthday present for me, it just so happens that no one else but me found it- which is alright, because i got some pretty amazing things [full post about birthday will come, pinky promise]. so, if you want to get your hands on this little baby you should first sign up for an ebates account by clicking here and then going to order it off of barnes and noble

why the ebates plug, you might ask? well, you can get a small percentage of what you buy at barnes and noble back with ebates- money in the bank. [quite literally!]

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just a thought.


  1. WOAH! Absolutely fabulous find!!! I must have this too!!!!!! AH!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!! <333

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