Friday, July 2, 2010

fabulous finds friday.

ashley over at 6 inches of ribbon has a great link party going on and i love being part of it! last week i couldn't participate because i was out of town without my camera to upload the pictures of my finds! so, this week i'm going to make up for it by having a few "fabulous finds"!

6 Inches of Ribbon

{1} my first find[s] are some silver picture frames from marshalls... the original plan was to buy the ones from potterybarn because they are simple and cute, however- their price tag was all sorts of crazy- luckily marshalls saved the day and we were able to get some at a fraction of the price!
all of these frames were between $4.99 and $7.99- such a deal, considering the ones at potterybarn started at $14!

{2} second find[s] are some wonderful black picture frames to do a photo wall along the stairwell- i haven't hung them yet, but i've got them in frames- still searching for more pictures and frames to add to the wall. once again- these are from marshalls (i promise i shop other places, however my mother is a huge fan of marshalls- that's actually an understatement!)
these frames all ranged from $5.99 to $12.99- such fabulous prices!

{3} my third find is actually part of my birthday present (my birthday isn't until the end of july, but i will explain!). a while back i saw this purse in a local store that i loved, but the price was almost $300... and that is just not part of my budget, so i decided that i would just look around when shopping and see if i liked anything as much as or more than the original find- i never found anything that came close... so i just decided not to worry about it, i have a straw bag that i could carry for the rest of the summer until something better comes along.

meanwhile, my mother found a purse at dillards that she thought i might like so she got it and wrapped it up as a birthday present- then, just while browsing through ebay i found the original purse for $80! i wasn't going to buy it but i just casually mentioned it to my mother and she said that if i really liked it i should buy it (so out of character for me to spend any money on something, but i decided to take the plunge and do it) then i found out about the other purse she bought me (of which i couldn't stand) so mother returned the other purse and ended up saving money because the ebay purse was cheaper! wow... that took a whole lot of explaining!

[side bar: i still think that $80 is expensive, but the last purse that i bought was my junior year of high school from china town in new york... it is falling apart and i actually stapled the inside lining so that it would stay together!]

there it is! i love it because it is green (my favorite) and also neutral, so it goes with everything!

that's all for today! make sure to go and check out ashley's blog!

just a thought.

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  1. We def share the same love for green!!! :D And I LOVE MARSHALLS! Have a great weekend <333


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