Saturday, July 3, 2010

four seasons.

today marks the day that sean and i started dating a year ago- so i just thought that i would take some time to recognize that on my blog. we always talked about dating in "seasons" and looking forward to completing "four seasons" with each other because in that span of time we would really get to know different sides of one another- let me just disclaimer that at times i am not always incredibly pleasant to deal with- but sean has been a champ and loved me and encouraged me! about the pictures:

[summer] this picture was taken in my foyer of my house right before sean took me out for my birthday dinner last summer.

[fall] we spent halloween in chapin because that's sean's step-dad's birthday- we carved a pumpkin and named him charlie- this was one of many pictures that we took with our pumpkin!

[winter] this picture was also taken in chapin over valentine's day weekend- it snowed all over the state of south carolina, but the columbia area got the most snow. every tree around us was covered in snow- it looked like a christmas card!

[spring] this one is from my friend maegan's wedding up in clemson- believe it or not this is one of the few pictures i have of us from this season- glad i at least have this one!

i can truly say that this past year has flown by! i can remember the exact details of our first date like it was yesterday. (however, in 50 years i'm sure they'll be a little fuzzy!) i'm so thankful for this man and his leadership in our relationship! thanks for letting me share a little bit about me!

just a thought.

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