Thursday, July 29, 2010

two faces of my summer.

this summer i have been spending a whole lot of time with two precious girls and decided that something fun to do would be to do a photo-shoot and then use some of the pictures around their house for some updating [since they don't have too many recent photos of the girls, at least, not that i can see] and do make special notecards for their mom and dad. we haven't made the cards yet, but the pictures are all finished. i'm sean and i are going to be putting together their new [big girl] desks for their room while they are off to denmark and i plan on leaving them some cards for when they return (since that will be after i leave for clemson!). their new desks have cork board on them so i'm going to leave the cards tacked on the cork board as a surprise! alexandra doesn't know it yet, but she will also be receiving "miss alex's old lamp" as her mom has been referring to it- it matches the one that caroline has now, and it looks good in their room- plus, i have no use for a pink lamp anymore [thank goodness].

let me introduce you to "my girls"...
loud, genuinely funny (even though she is 5), tons of t.r.o.u.b.l.e. sweet, loves chips and sprinkle cheese, enjoys listening to "chicken fried" by zac brown band

helpful, precious, understanding [most of the time], seven going on sixteen, prefers her chips without cheese, loves listening to taylor swift- in particular- "our song"

such precious girls. i'm so glad that i was able to spend time with them this summer- i have been watching them since alexandra was 1 [or "zero" as she likes to call it] and caroline was 3.

just a thought.

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