Tuesday, July 20, 2010

top two tuesday.

this week's topic is...

top 2 things you want to purchase

seeing as i don't really like to spend money on things... i know, it is weird, but true... i don't really know what i would want to buy, however, since it is my birthday golden birthday [turning 20 on the 20th], i will go with my top 2 "wants" [i.e. things i would love to receive for my birthday] right now are...

[one] an iHome. i know that everyone and their mama has one right now, but i don't- and i still think that it would be useful to have one... they come in black and silver... which would you prefer?

[two] subaru outback [in moss green, preferably...]. i would love to get one of these for my birthday... [ha ha] there is no way... but, in case you haven't noticed, green is my favorite color... and i love this shade of it and i love this car, thus- it is the perfect fit [i wish]... but hey, since it is my birthday, i will go ahead and dream big... so lovely. this one happens to be for sale in the charleston area... maybe i'll just head right over and give myself a present... [sigh]

what are your "top 2 purchases"? link up and let everyone know!

i've been so blessed with such incredible people in my life and i am so thankful that i get to spend today with them- i will certainly post about my day later this week and i'll be sure to let you know if i get one of my "top 2's"... [insert big sigh]. have a great tuesday!

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