Monday, July 5, 2010

miscellany monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
[one] roller coasters. i love them. they are so much fun and i haven't ridden one in a couple of years- i hope that will change this year! the first roller coaster i ever rode was at carrowinds and it was called "top gun" i was scared to pieces before i got on, cried the whole time, and then, once it was over i asked to go on it again. loved them ever since.

[two] real life song and dance. i would love it if at some point in my life a giant room could all do the same song and dance- i just think it would be amazing. after seeing slum dog millionaire i declared that i was going to make a dvd of the ending song and mail it to my friends for us to do at my wedding... i don't think that will happen- but you never know!

[three] ebay. since i have been finding some crazy good deals on ebay, i know like to check it all the time (not really all the time... but fairly frequently) as of right now i have ten kitchen aid mixers that i'm "watching"... i am hoping to get a good deal for mother (don't worry- this isn't going to spoil her surprise, she doesn't read my blog... she doesn't really understand how it works- bless her) and possibly one for me too!

[four] the bachelorette. i know that i have confessed my love for the show before, but i feel so guilty about it that i am going to do it again... i almost refer to the show as "having plans"... don't worry- it isn't really that bad... but it is almost an issue. i just can't help it... and this week is going to be intense... i have a date with abc at 8pm tonight- don't judge.

[five] makeover. i have some bookcases, an end table, and a kitchen table that all need some lovin' and a makeover... i am thinking about tackling that task this week before i nanny from 12-5:30- but we shall see.

[six] boone hall. this weekend sean and i went to boone hall plantation for our one year date- expect a post with some pictures this week!

[seven] redesign. i've redesigned my blog... still doesn't have everything that i want... i'm trying to figure out a button situation- but what do you think?

[eight] ebates. have you ever heard of ebates? it is this fabulous deal where you create an account through this company and then you get a small percentage of your money back when you shop at certain stores... check it out here!

that's all for now- have a happy monday!

just a thought.


  1. ohhh i LOVE ebates and ebay and swagbucks and all of those fun sites where you can get cash back, bid, and prizes for searching! and don't worry, the bachelorette is my guilty pleasure as well... except i don't feel guilty about it, haha!

  2. Oh I love roller coasters! I have not been to a park with roller coasters in to long! Did you know that there are roller coaster enthusiast groups out there that all they do in their spare time is travel around the world riding coasters? LOL! Love it.

  3. I love roller coasters too. I can't explain how I can feel scared, excited and anxious all at the same time when riding them. I once was an eBay addict. I use to set my alarm to wake up to check the auctions I was watching. Now due to finances, I've had to take a break. I like the look of your blog.

  4. I used to ride roller coasters. It's been a few years...Ebay...I love it! I used to sell lots but now all I do is buy. LOL THanks for sharing your randomness.
    BTW the design looks great!



  5. I love the bachelorette too. It's such a great show!! I'm not sure if Ali actually knows what she's doing, though. I feel a little bad for the guys because it seems liek her mind is everywhere right now and not into what she's doing. :/

    I love roller coasters too! Haven't been on one in a few years, but I hope to be on one this year!

    I'm participating in Monday Miscellany too, if you wanna check it out.


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