Thursday, July 1, 2010

bunches of beads.

this week i have been babysitting two of my favorite girls- they are really just precious (though sometimes a lot to handle- but let's face it- aren't we all at some point!?) and so fun to hang out with. caroline is 7 and alexandra is 5- i've been watching them since they were 3 and 1, respectively. at some point in the day miss alex (me) had a great idea to bust out the perler beads [the beads that you put on a template and then iron them to make it stay together... i know- who knew that those had an official name?] and try and create something wonderful... yikes- had i known the strife we were going to have with this craft i would have suggested coloring or playdough. just in case you have no idea what i'm talking about- look below:

my first thought upon looking at this picture was "what the heck!?" because who in their right mind decides to make a bunch of mario characters from iron-together beads... but then i thought about the fact that someone had to sit hunched over for hours upon hours to create those... i now pity that person. these little beads are quite tricky- the slip all over the place and have a huge resistance to actually going into the desired peg- then, once you get them all finished you must hold it completely still because one wrong move and all the beads are on the floor and you have 2 screaming girls [not that i'm speaking from experience or anything].

the moral of this story: approach perler beads with extreme caution or you might end up having to create a lot of pieces of "art" because you're the only one who can put the beads "in the right spot" [again- not that i'm speaking from experience] (ok... maybe i am)

happy thursday- and happy july! i can't believe it is already thursday! these 8 to 6 days are really putting me behind on school work and blogging- please forgive me blogging friends- i am trying to read blogs- it just seems that there isn't always enough time in the day!

just a thought.

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  1. Oh, I feel your pain. When I worked at camp during the summers we would do that as a morning/afternoon craft option. Many a tears were shed over a kid spilling those things. Not to mention the iron person (often me) backed up with like 5 to iron and knocking one, just to hurrying to put them all back in the correct spot before the kid comes back and sees it.


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