Monday, July 26, 2010

miscellany monday.

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[1] leggings are not pants. 
i don't know why this trend bothers me so much, but it does... and leggings are not pants, therefore- they should not be worn as such.

[2] nannying venture. 
i spent thursday through saturday with 2 girls that i babysit for while their parents (who i love... a lot) went away for a couple of days to spend time with each other. it was lovely. i love their girls, and once again- i continue to gain respect for stay at home moms. not that they were bad, it is just tiring (i guess that's a "duh" statement).

[3] nap time. 
yesterday i took a 3.5 hour nap after church. this is not a coincedence that i just posted this after my nanny time- i was just. that. tired.

[4] hiccups. 
when i get the hiccups i get them for a really, really long time. i have them right now, which is making it very difficult to write right now. what's your favorite method to get rid of them?

[5] change of scenery.
in 18 days i will be moving back up to clemson. bittersweet. love clemson and my fabulous friends, but i will miss charleston a lot too. trying to find joy and peace, and most of all- rest in Him.

[6] still hiccuping.
help me!

[7] wii master.
i got a wii for my birthday- i am so excited! i only have one game right now (because those things are super pricey!)- but i am looking forward to getting more and playing with fun friends!

[8] heat wave.
today i was watching the news and it said that the heat index for today is going to between 115 and 118 degrees... excuse me, but that is crazy hot- the pool will be so welcomed today, if it doesn't boil over first [side note: i know that it won't really boil over, just didn't want you to think that i believed that].

that's all for today! have a great monday!

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  1. Oh, the hiccups. I always wished that I had the cute hiccups. You know? The ones that are dainty. Nope. Not me. Mine are loud, painful, and I sound like a frog. Advice? Pray they go away -- I say that because I have found nothing that helps me! I do still try the "holding my breath" trick every time. And well, it fails.

    Ditto about the leggings. My Grace, who is nine, looks great in little leggings and a long shirt. She is also about 51 pounds and tall. Enough said.

    We love the Wii. My son Brennan can beat me on many games for the Wii Sports Resort. He's six. And he really wins --- no fake winning from this momma!

    Have a great Monday!

  2. 1. Ahmen!!!!
    7. ooooo, that's fun! What game did you get

  3. I totally know what you mean about babysitting/nannying being tiring. I even think I would be less exhausted if they were my own children.
    And I just saw something about Boone Hall on your LinkWithin... are you from Charleston?! That would be awesome :)

  4. I am not much for the legging either. I just bought my daughter a couple of pairs of "Jeggings", which are basically extreme skinny jeans. But because she is extremely thin, she can pull those off.

    I would love to take a 3.5 nap any day!

    I loath the hiccups. I don't have much of a cure for them. I try and hold my breathe but then I think I will pass out.

    I want a Wii so bad. I am hinting to the family for Christmas.

    Have a great Monday!

  5. I love leggings, but I agree that some people wear them the wrong way and it's very annoying!! Although, when I was a kid, wearing leggings as pants was all the trend..but it's not the 90's anymore!!

    The heat is just terrible. I can barely stand it.

    Visiting from Monday Miscellany! Hope you can stop by ours as well!

  6. love your random so fun! I had to laugh about the nannying and then it followed with 3 hr nap the next day! I am a SAHM of a very active 3 year old and I offered to watch my nephew who is also 3 a couple weeks ago and wow was that um eventful LOL

    The heat is just terrible blech....can't wait for fall

    Summer :0)


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