Wednesday, July 7, 2010

lovely giveaway.

do you remember a long time ago when i confessed that i love baby stuff? if not- it was in this post... at any rate- i do love baby things- coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) the busy budgeting mama is hosting a giveaway of adorable baby slings.
now, i realize that i am not expecting a baby any time soon... but it just so happens that my step-mother is expecting a baby due in the end of october or beginning of november- so this would be the perfect little gift, considering she already has to deal with matthew and liam (who are both precious, might i add).

take a look at their shop here... and look below for a sample of their adorable slings!

see what i mean? so cute... i think that the yellow stripe is just wonderful. click the button below to check out her blog!

just a thought.

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